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The cowbell heavy original version of Mid nineties hit song, “Missing” by EBTG and my childhood nostalgia/laserdiscs

Missing, 1994 single by Everything but the Girl.

A favorite song of mine, oddly enough from the mid 90s. Mostly I was listening to 80s songs on radio in South Florida / Miami … and PA… also watching vh1 classics on reruns on programs such as Solid Gold (I wish I had been exposed to my favorite program, “Top of the Pops”, on BBC back then.

The episodes of “Top of the Pops” from the 1980s are an archive I’d love to own on DVD, or laserdisc, for that matter. I do believe in analog video and digital sound similar to the qualify of the videos on the gold laserdisc cd-video 5″ media formats released in the 80s up until the final one ever released, which happened to be David Bowie’s hit Ashes to Ashes in December of 1988:

which happens to also be my favorite ever Bowie song, a tough list of choices.



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