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Never heard this new wave song before but it’s not bad! If you like the same bands I do pretty much or new wave synth music then give it a listen! You might like it, as the synth line captivates your feel good brain chemicals well (played during the vocal breaks in this song).

This is me reviewing the song as I am listening to it for the first time. It’s still playing as i am writing this part of my post. It seems to be at and outro refrain “there’s no place like home…” “don’t you worry about the situation…they’re out there fighting for the state of the nation…” goes the chorus hook (as I’m listening).

The song’s outro arrangement is instrumentally impressive and I’m curious as to who the producer and audio engineer team was for this composition!

If you like new wave bands and synthpop – especially New Order, The Cure, Joy Divison, Pet Shop Boys, Electronic, The Smiths, Morrissey, The Human League, Tears for Fears, David Bowie and related artists then you’ll love my blog!

New and in the works – will be posting cool songs obscure especially and hidden gems! Also reviews of them and of 80s concerts (with full links if available) music news for electronic genre in general and retrospective content (1980s) along with modern underground electronic New Wave darkwave retro wave vapor wave synth wave synth pop electronic songs etc and cover or tribute bands!

Also will be Merch and my galleries design and illustrations. My Merch designs are available soon for very very reasonable and lower than average prices and they’re of top notch quality materials and print process (digital direct to garment DTG – no heat transfers (DTG is via a $10-20k Machine) and better than screen printing!

I can do screen printing (up to 7-8 screens and possibly blending to make prints on colors and black very vibrant but no to little risk of age or wear damage such as fading peeling or tearing!)

Email me anytime for inquires comments questions suggestions and or contributions!

Thanks and please share my blog / posts!!! Much appreciated!!! Screen shot your shares (all!) and send for points toward free custom Merch or promo items/gifts!



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