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I’m looking for a partner… if you are a huge fan of:

•New Order 1982-1993 and focus on their 1985-1989 sound
Joy Division I respect and admire but am more a new Order/PSB/Depeche electornic synthpop fan. Still I love Isolation, The Drawback, Something must break, she lost control, Love will tear us apart, dead souls, heart and soul, 24 hours, etc
• Depeche Mode 1983-1998 with focus on early periods & 1990,1993 lyrically inspired by Martin L. Gore very much.
• Tears for Fears 1982-89 focus – inspired LYRICALLY especially The Hurting LP – I think their first two LPs have amazingly well written songs and focus on psychology (The Primal Scream, Prisoners of Pain- by Arthur Janov)
• The Cure (Let’s go to bed, The Walk, The Upstairs Room, Lovecats, Close to Me, A Forest, Lullaby, How Beautiful You Are, Why Can’t I be You, Fascination Street, In-between days, fear of ghosts, Friday in in love, lovesong, just like heaven, primary, play for today)
• Electronic (Duo Summer and Marr) songs I like Feel Every Beat, One, Gangster, The Patience of a Saint, Getting Away with it, Get the Message, Vivid, Forbidden City, Idiot Country, Lucky Bag, Lean to the Inside, Disappointed…)
• Pet Shop Boys (all Stephen Hague produced for them and Actually LP, Being boring, So Hard, How can you Expect to Be Taken Seriously, Home and Dry, Love, Etc., This used to be the future, The way it used to be, Im not scared, Leaving, Hallo Spaceboy & more
• Bowie
• Composers/Producers: Giorgio Moroder, Stephen Hague, David Jacobs, Bernard Summer, Chris Lowe, Neil Tennant, New Order, Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith, etc

You must like the song True Faith by New Order – while this sounds dumb and may be one The of stupider things I have ever written and published… this song is more than just that to me: it speaks volumes of a lot of my life structure wise and what I’ve got to say… I feel … personally he overall sound is one of pleasing but desperate and dramatic feelings increase as the song culminates with unknown and indecision.

More on that topic of course…

Just a test early post as well…



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