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An insight to a New Order : / Joy Division Fan

New order playing live in Japan 1985 for their live VHS and Laserdisc, “PFD,” or “Pumped full of Drugs” show encapsulating the 1985 LP, Low-Life songs mainly. Highly recommended by myself.

MUSIC FANDOM that has a Way of Life

Reading reviews on Amazon for Peter Hook’s new piece of work, “substance,” I found a top review and wanted to share my insight.

“Another saga in the glorious Manchester mythology. The year is 2010 and nothing new on the subject had appeared for a while. That was the reason I bought it (not to mention a transatlantic flight to endure). This beatification of Factory Records and their impact on Manchester (and world) music was started by Tony Wilson straight after Factory Records’ bankruptcy in 1993, and Peter Hook seems to have picked up Wilson’s baton following the latter’s death in 2007.
About the book. Hook is by no means a writer but he has a story to tell, admittedly a true story that would defy the myths surrounding The Hacienda. So the writing style aside, we are left with facts and myriad numbers – profits, sales, losses, taxes, etc., sometimes you feel like you’re in an accountant’s office. I liked some bits, like for example about New Order recording “Technique” on Ibiza, and how Rob Gretton (New Order’s manager) was almost mysteriously bonded to The Hacienda: despite all ill, Gretton held to the club to the last second of its existence, when Factory Records and New Order had been long gone. Basically the club existed solely at the expense of the young, carefree members of New Order who siphoned their money like chips into the fireplace. It’s an OK book, strictly for Factory/Madchester fanatics.
Sometimes I catch myself regretting about these tell-all books about Joy Division/New Order. When I grew up listening to New Order, there was no Internet, no books and barely any media coverage on the subject. You felt privileged to get a new record or get a bit of news on them. I mean they were really a cult band, which contributed to the charm to their fantastic music.” – Amazon Reviewer called Enthusiast. 

Intense comes to mind as I think how to characterize a hardcore New Order or Joy Division fan. These fans are often (if attended 5 concerts at minimum) in the Official Fan Club for New Order located in Manchester, UK, called The Vikings with a “FAC catalog number” (assigned byPeter  Hook, not Tony Wilson, of FAC383. They have very nice metal well done pin badges as well to represent induction and membership, commemorating certian shows, the Vikings name, New Order, Gillian (Hail Gillian badge) along with a badge I can’t seem to find they make anymore saying “Barneys Angels.” 

Personally I’d naturally love to get the Barneys Angels badge pin but also would love the FAC383 orange/blue or red/black pin badge to show membership; I’ve got 3 more New Order shows to attend… and happily, I will… barring disaster… and the fact that I’m located in the USA, where they may play here only on an almost annual basis, as I saw them in 2014 July and 2016 March thus far. 

I’m a huge fan of Bernard Summer, and of New Order…

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