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About me: MY current job search!

LOS ANGELES COUNTY or any work allowing remote / distance employment from that location!

SUMMARY – also on my LinkedIn

SEEKING WORK in the MUSIC business, music/record label/agency, Pro Audio, electronics and entertainment Industries ideally, but also including Design, Marketing, Advertising , Promoting, Social Media Management, Creative Content etc.

I am a: Professional Free-lance creative designer, writer, promoter, artist and marketing professional who specializes in Music (electronic & alternative rock & Pop genres but not limited)

I can design high quality graphic designs for band apparel, merchandise & promotions or label use, and prints/accessory design, I do 2D Digital Illustration, Logo Vector Creation, Infographics for all business needs, creative modern/minimalistic & color specialist in Design for Flyers, Posters, brochures, catalogs, stationary, banners, digital media, page and web layouts, etc.

I have a professional eye for engaging aesthetics that captivate and specialize in design directive and consultation for media use without the danger of a busy appearance that could potentially turn away exposure and a boring one that could fail to appeal.

Currently self studying for certification:
1. Audio DAW software- Avid Protools, Logic, Propellerhead Reason, Steinburg Cubase, and Ableton Live production software & associated mobile music creation apps.
2. Brand development for myself in Modeling, a music industry
3. Adobe certification for photoshop, illustrator, inDesign software
4. Mastery of Social media marketing and affiliate marketing, SEO, trend analysis, and strategy for exposure growth in niche markets
6. Professional Writing and Magazine creation –

I have a “Zine” digitally and hopefully print soon- in the works as a hobby on Music and Psychology, focusing on music as therapy along with news in the live and recording pro industry worldwide and the future of music with a lot of content on the 80s decade- groundbreaking for electronic music and the development of MIDI concept – which is the focus of mobile music markets now and a major factor in the industry for the future.

My audio self study and furthering involves:
studying Music Production & Sound (live and studio) engineering , sound Design (FM additive synthesis focus and integration of analogue to that digital sound in way never done before involving a mini project of innovation-

The Creation of my own MIDI FM synth controller instrument facilitating use of sampling sequencing for lead vocalists and other key members in a band or duo for live use. Ideally it would have performance related aesthetic fan appeal. Any interested partners or sponsors please don’t hesitate to contact me

I am very interested in keyboards, synthesizers, sound modules, sequencers, & MIDI controllers with a special interest in analog emulation and sound synthesis, along with being a Music fan enthusiast, I often conduct analysis of fan bases for business purposes in marketing and sales, enjoy music news, culture, and collecting for bands and artists I love!
**I would love to represent any agency for but not limited to music in Modeling for promotional media, label or artist representation and or in house or contracted design for the same purpose**

Past work Experience:
I have retail sales and customer service experience in audio gear, print/office products, electronics, software, hardware, art and design music fan merchandise, promotional products, etc.
-SALES & customer communication/ consulting and service
-MARKETING/PROMOTION/Booking music artists
-Advertising and exposure growth with creative content
-Client, customer or artist or band relations and Or fan / consumer base management and growth

-16+ years experience with Adobe Photoshop and related Adobe Programs.
– PC and MAC proficient
– Social Media use for promotion, brand building, marketing, sales, networking
– MS Office Proficient
-Typography design
-Minimalist Design/ Modern
-Vintage or retro design – 80s style focus
-Color artist and special use for effective design
-Geometric Designer
-Music industry Apparel Designer
-Fashion- Graphic apparel designer
-Poster and Print (Music) Specialty, also for business purposes of all kinds
-Market Research ability to study trends and project marketing strategy
-Impressive Graphic design and illustration Portfolio and Customer Feedback (from freelance sales of apparel designs & other misc. designs, print/cases, etc.)
-Great Sales communications skills online and in person
-Great customer service and consulting skills
-Ability to work remotely as well, any time zone on home laptop with reliable internet connection
-Google Drive for file sharing
-Website creation / custom SEO and content creation for any target market, affiliate marketing & WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Behance, Square space, Shopify experience

-Seeking Free-lance, contract, remote, or PT/FT work (internships as well).

*Despite my Educational degree in business-accounting, i am not limited elsewhere, as I am very focused on continuing self studying & related work experience always for
Creative Design / Modeling, Fashion & graphic Apparel / Marketing, Blogging, Social Media & Music industry / Pro Audio & Tech positions.

(Post degree and some work in the industry is when I discovered my true passions while residing in San Diego, moving from Georgia)

Between working and taking personal time to be self-employed and studying for new opportunity, I aim to a career ambition involving modeling, music (production, engineering and or aspiring to be a performing or recording artist) creative marketing, and blog writing all together.

I am accomplishing progress toward this life ambition by developing my own self brand identity when I can.



Freelance creative and informative artist (writing, designs an illustration, aspiring musician)

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